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Forensic Psychology/ Expert Testimony

Dr. Harrison is frequently sought after as an expert witness and consultant by individuals and legal professionals seeking specialized trauma and forensic psychology knowledge. Her keen insights into the psychological impact of traumatic experiences, combined with her meticulous analysis of evidence and medical records, have proven invaluable in achieving just outcomes for trauma-related cases. Dr. Harrison frequently serves as an expert psychologist and independent forensic evaluator for county courts and private attorneys. Her commitment to forensic evaluations is informed by her deep understanding of trauma and its consequences, allowing her to provide clear, articulate, and well-researched opinions in both civil and criminal cases.


Dr. Harrison's expertise spans a wide range of areas, including Personal Injury, Murphy Evaluations, Dangerousness/Risk Assessment, Competency to Stand Trial, Insanity Defense, Malingering, and Federal Social Security Appeals and Evaluations. Her extensive experience, meticulous approach, and dedication to the field of psychology make her an invaluable resource in legal matters involving trauma and forensic evaluation, setting her apart as a highly reputable expert in her field.

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