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Adolescent Therapy

We aim to be the trusted confidants for children and teens, providing a safe space where they can freely express themselves when others may not understand. Through our child and adolescent therapy, our objective is to cultivate trust and rapport, encouraging them to share their concerns openly. Together, we celebrate their joys and achievements while equipping them with the resilience to navigate life's inevitable challenges. Our ultimate goal is to support their journey toward becoming self-reliant, resourceful, and content adults, even if that path seems distant. Additionally, we recognize and honor the bond you've established with them and offer our support to you as well.

Adolescents face tremendous pressure in today's world, and even those who appear to have everything under control may experience periods of depression and anxiety, leaving parents feeling helpless. When teens exhibit signs of distress, such as withdrawal, acting out, or isolation, we are here to assist.

Our approach is personal, transparent, and genuine, fostering a strong connection with our teen clients. We tailor our sessions creatively to incorporate their strengths and interests, ensuring therapy is an engaging and valued experience.

Our therapists specialize in evidence-based treatments for teens, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Relational Therapy, and Art Therapy.

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