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Dr. Nashin Joseph, a Registered Psychological Associate, has an extensive educational background. He holds a Doctor of Psychology degree from California Southern University and a Master’s in Theology from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley, California. His multifaceted training equips him with a unique perspective in his psychological practice, allowing him to integrate diverse therapeutic approaches effectively.


Dr. Joseph works with children and adolescents in various settings, including inpatient and outpatient hospitals, where he has developed specialized programs aimed at supporting young individuals through their unique challenges. His approach with children incorporates an integrated approach to therapy, which helps address issues such as anxiety, mood and behavioral disorders, and the impacts of trauma. Dr. Joseph has also focused his experience on psychodynamic therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and substance abuse interventions. His approach is deeply rooted in exploring unconscious thoughts and fostering meaningful personal transformations in his clients' lives.


As the director of Outpatient Services at San Jose Behavioral Health, Dr. Joseph leads a team dedicated to delivering comprehensive mental health care. His oversight of the outpatient services not only involves administrative duties but also direct clinical work, where he continues to apply his expertise. This role allows him to shape program development and influence the therapeutic approaches used within the clinic, enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.


Dr. Joseph's dedication extends beyond traditional therapy settings; he is actively involved in community outreach programs aimed at supporting the unhoused population. His work in this area includes not only providing mental health support but also developing housing solutions that address the broader socio-economic factors affecting this vulnerable group.


Dr. Joseph’s personal journey as an immigrant from the Caribbean deeply informs his professional perspective, especially in understanding racial trauma and promoting healing. His experiences of enculturation and assimilation offer him a profound insight into the challenges and resilience involved in navigating cross-cultural identities. He is particularly passionate about working with individuals interested in delving into the complex interplay between psychology, race, and culture, a topic that he finds deeply engaging and important.


Through his efforts, Dr. Joseph strives to bridge the gap between clinical psychological support and practical social care, ensuring a holistic approach to mental health that considers all aspects of an individual's life. Dr. Joseph is an enthusiastic marathoner and soccer player. These activities not only keep him physically active but also mentally sharp, reflecting his belief in the strong connection between physical and mental well-being. His commitment to his health and hobbies mirrors his dedication to his clients, emphasizing holistic approaches to therapy and personal development.

With a career marked by a profound commitment to social justice and mental health advocacy, Dr. Joseph's work at San Jose Behavioral Health and beyond reflects his deep dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those he serves. His leadership in outpatient services is informed by his rich clinical experience and his personal insights as an immigrant, making him a compassionate and effective advocate for those facing psychological and cultural challenges.


1408 Chapin Av, Suite 3

Burlingame, CA 94010

(415) 5857-4478

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